Site of Bone Doggles 2011 and 2012

Part of a Real Bone Doggle is having a great place to stay. This Ranch was unimaginably beautiful. As we set our sites on future Bone Doggles we can only hope to find a Site like this. Our Hosts are amazing and now they can sit back and relish in the fact that 65 Million Years ago Their Home Belonged to DINOSAURS.


As we wrap up Bone Doggle 2012, it is now time to reflect on the last 2 years and enjoy that we have accomplished what we set out to do.  We are the first explorers to find bones in this Montana county and the prize so far is a T-Rex tooth. Our SILLY dream has turned into an experience of a lifetime. Even bigger, is living with the idea,  that in a secret place on the ranch there are some significant bones and we will have to have a fully organized team deployed over up to 2 weeks to determine just what lies below the surface. . With a little bit of Luck we will soon be back celebrating a Significant Find and I cant wait to pick out a great bottle of Champagne to break open on a big bone.


Stay Tuned.