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The 2014 Bone Doggle adventure is set to begin this week!  Please follow the blog for daily updates from our excursion and up to the moment information on any discoveries we come across. The First Stop is Minneapolis for the 2014 MLB All Star Game and will meet the team in the MSP Airport on Wed July 16 for a flight to Bozeman.

This year the Bone Doggle Goes Mobile and we will cover hundreds of miles and 3-5 Large Ranches suspected of being homes to Dinosaurs 65,000,000 years ago

The Bone Doggle started as an idea in 2011 By Kris Mack and me to fulfill a lifelong dream of going out on our own adventure and with the ultimate goal of discovering Dinosaurs. We have mastered the formula of adventure, comradery, and great food and wine along the way. Over the last 2 years we (an eclectic group of 20 combined individuals with a zest for adventure)  have found countless bones, a T- Rex Tooth, and a Pelvis and Rib bone of a Hadrosaur. This year we may just find the BIG ONE. Fingers Crossed.

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– Jamie Robinson